individularity is about you
This Is Why You Are You

Individularity: A process for finding and engaging a life full of meaning, love and peace; driven by the belief that you are irreplaceable and not interchangeable.

I believe you’re here to do something good only you can do. And if you don’t do whatever that is, it won’t get done without you.

  • No one else can replace you or accomplish what you’re here for.
  • Nothing that’s happened yesterday can disqualify you today.
  • Your world needs what you have to offer, and will be better if you do.

The big question is; do you want to know what you’re here to do? If you have the courage to answer Yes, then you need to know what to do next? 

The Individularity process starts where everything else in your life has either stopped or stalled out. We’ll go forward from there. When you’re ready for more, come on inside; the waters fine. Mark   READ MORE

The Coffee Shop Sage
Mark Allen Schmidt, creator of Individularity