individularity is about you
About Why You Are You

The Individularity Idea

There is something unique in the world that only you can do.

I think most people believe they are here for a reason. I know that very few people can say what they think that reason is. People will say they are here to help other people; some will say they are here to do something good; others will say they are here to please God; but they all seem to have one issue in common, they want to know exactly what they were made to do. That’s why this is one of the most fundamental and frustrating questions in life; what am I here to do?

This issue of knowing what you were made to do is fundamental because nearly everyone believes they are here to do something significant. It’s frustrating because very few people have been able to connect doing something significant with doing something that is also satisfying. Let me assume that you want your life to matter, that you hope to accomplish something during your lifetime, something that will encompass helping people, doing good and somehow pleasing God. But let’s face it; life has a way of dictating to you what you are able to do and pursue.

When you’re young and strong, you have the time and energy to follow your heart…



Here’s the nagging problem with the accepted approach to advancing in life. When you’re young and strong, you have the time and energy to follow your heart but you don’t have the qualifications or the experience to pursue the things you really want. You make the decision to set your dreams and hopes aside to gain the experience and earn the qualifications that will allow you to do what you want. But, things don’t typically work out that way.

You get a job, you find love and you incur debts and obligations…

Things usually work out more this way; you pursue education, you get a job, you find love and you incur debts and obligations. Life rolls on, relationships expand, unexpected things happen, people come and go and you have very little influence in the process. Somewhere along the way you realize that your internal ideas of significance and satisfaction have been commandeered and overwhelmed by your external duties and circumstances.

When you actually think about your situation you don’t see many real options that don’t require some form of drastic change or an outright abandonment of your current life. Then it becomes brutally obvious that you can’t just tweak your income to change your outcomes, or exercise discretion to alter your direction; and you feel helpless, hopeless and foolish that you somehow allowed things to go this far. And you wonder: 

How am I supposed to find what I’m here to do 

when all I ever do is what is what I’m supposed to?


Soon enough you begin to experience the truth that significance is not measured by money and satisfaction is not a product of activity. You might even find yourself thinking this, why did I ever do this? I never wanted to do this, I just did this because it was the thing to do. 

Look back on the last few seasons of life; does it matter that you did well or failed financially? Or how far you advanced socially or excelled spiritually? To make matters worse, you can’t even say what was wrong or what was missing other than you know you just missed it, whatever “IT” is. 

What matters is; did you do what you believed you were made to do?

Then you find yourself sitting at a table in a nice restaurant, with someone you love, and you don’t know why you’re there or what you should do next. You can’t talk about it because you would have to admit that you’re not satisfied with your life. If you attempted to explain that the person sitting across from you they would likely misunderstand or be offended by what you’re trying to say.

Dissatisfaction is not about the people in your life

  • Your dissatisfaction is not about the people in your life.

  • It’s not about your place in life.

  • It’s not about the failures or famous results of your life.

  • It’s not about what you believe in your life.

  • It’s not about the opportunities you haven’t had in life.

  • It’s not about anything anyone else has done to your life.

“Life is not about you, you are about life.”

Father Richard Rohr

You had hoped to spend your life engaged in something you really wanted to do that was both satisfying and significant. Now you can finally admit that hasn’t been the case or reality in your life. And, anything less than three out of three won’t cut it.


There Is Another Option The Contains All Three

That is what you’ll find inside INDIVIDULARITY